Despite an increasingly multimedia world, the written word is still by far the most widespread and effective form of mass communication. With the widespread availability of the internet and, in particular, portable devices such as e-readers and tablets, there’s a continuing need for high quality content to stand out from the general mediocrity.

Scribbleit is the corporate personification of writer, coder, businessman and publisher Kevin Partner. Kevin has three decades of programming experience and has, for the past 15 years, been earning his living through coding and writing about it. Kevin specialises in making technical issues clear and easy to understand – whether that’s an introduction to programming or a detailed guide on setting up a business.

Kevin is a Contributing Editor of PC Pro magazine, writing every month about Online Business. He’s also the author of the best selling “How to Set up an Online Business” which is currently in its fourth edition. In 2012, Scribbleit published “Your Craft Business: A Step by Step Guide” in ebook and print formats to great success – the book has regularly been in the top 10 Home Business books for Kindle.

Current projects include a book on programming for the Raspberry Pi and a more general book on business startups. Contact Kevin at kevin.partner@scribbleit.co.uk.


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