About Scribbleit

Scribbleit Ltd was set up in 2003 to provide writing and programming services to companies both large and small. Founder Kevin Partner has been writing and programming for decades, firstly as enjoyable hobbies then, since 1990, as the basis of his professional work.

Since 2003, Kevin has written several books, a monthly column in a major UK technology magazine, website copy for many websites and scripts for elearning productions.

Kevin has been developing elearning products for over 20 years and has a deep understanding of how to present content so that it is learned most effectively.

Technical Writing

We take pride in researching our topic thoroughly and then turning that research into clear, simple language accessible to the intended target audience. Whether that’s writing about programming languages, systems or hardware, we decode the most complex subjects and present them in a clear, understandable, sequence so that learning is effective.

Business Writing

Kevin has been running successful businesses since 1999 and is currently owner/joint-owner of four enterprises. He has been writing for PC Pro magazine since 1996 and currently contributes a monthly column covering online business matters. He’s also the author of How to set up an online business which is currently in its fourth edition. You can see the reviews of the previous edition by following this link.

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